Before Baby Arrived: Sweet Dreams

When we bid to buy this house we now call home, we included a letter where we talked about how we looked forward to raising our future children in this place. Having three bedrooms gave us just enough for the future family we envisioned. It also worked out well when our oldest wanted to create his own big boy room.

So, when we last left off talking about the baby’s room here, there was crown moulding installed and a pile of furniture parts and baby clothes ready to be sorted out.

How did this room turn out for Baby #2?


The artwork hanging above our photo-bombing cat is a baby carriage blanket from our children’s maternal great-grandmother.


Books, toys, and more were simply unpacked and put back into place.


Fun fact: the baby’s paternal great-uncle helped build the zoo referenced in the poster by the crib.

IMG_3841The crib is something extra-special in my mind. It was built by my husband as we prepared for our first baby, and I’m excited that we get to use it one more time.

IMG_3672Working with a pattern, he chose a combination of maple and cherry to build it. No stain was used, in order to let the wood age and patina naturally. Only a few coats of poly protect the wood.

IMG_3675Each piece of wood was chosen for the character it would bring.

IMG_3674A lot of time was spent planing each piece of lumber to make sure the surfaces were smooth and would be gentle to a tiny hand’s touch.

IMG_3673Subtle curves and tapered legs keep the crib both current and timeless. We knew it would fit whatever style we’d ultimately decide on for a baby’s room.

And so once more, we had a place where our little bundle could drift off to sweet dreams.

Next we had to plan for a birthday.

Before the snow flies…

On a windswept exploration with our son outside yesterday, we were treated to our yard and garden’s “last show” before winter starts making itself comfortable around here:

One of the things I appreciate most about where we live is how there’s always something for Nature to show off, regardless of the time of year.