Kindness starts

Every now and then I’m struck by the immense power of kindness.

It doesn’t cost a thing to be kind. And the benefits of kindness are far reaching and do more good than charging after the unattainable.

Just as it’s important to remember to be kind to others, it’s also easy to lose sight of the importance of being kind to yourself.

That’s why it feels like a blessing to remember that small but critical point: Kindness has to start with being kind to yourself.

Mama Wren

There was no sweeter sight than when we were outside this morning, enjoying a little fresh air before going off to daycare and work, and the kiddos caught sight of a mother wren flying to the little wren house hanging off the porch. 

We talked about the babies inside the house who wanted their breakfast; smiles spread across their faces as Mama Wren lit on the perch, some morsel in her beak, and the tiny cacophony from inside the wren house quieted down.

I watched the universe shrink just a bit for them. They recognized how other creatures are “mothered” (for lack of a better word), and it was my luck to capture that realization as it dawned on both their faces.

Right before they resumed the squabble over who got to use the sidewalk chalk.

Tiny steps of progress

One of the hardest parenting lessons for me — hands down — is slowing down and being okay with not charging ahead at the breakneck pace I’d really, really like to do.

Progress is progress, though. And I’ll take any measure of it I can get. Especially when it’s taking way longer to complete than I’d like.

One-on-one time

Having two kiddos gives me a new appreciation of time: how precious it is, and the neverending tug in many different directions to give everyone the quality of attention they deserve.

Which is why I appreciate the opportunities for one-on-one time with our youngest. Given all the more gladly knowing the oldest is getting his own one-on-one time that he also craves.

It is a blessing to be surrounded by so many who are so eager to lavish adoration and attention on these little beings.

Perfect weather

Not too hot, and not too humid…the perfect weather to be outside for everything we could — dinner, play, gardening, exploring — before bedtimes intervened.

We could not have asked for a better start to our Summer. Something (especially in this part of the country) to feel grateful for.

Facets of a life

Today reminded me of how many facets there are to a life.

Sometimes they all sparkle at once, lending a brilliance to your spirit.

Sometimes one facet is dulled or needs a good cleaning. Not that it’s less important, or more trouble than it’s worth.

They are all equally deserving of the time and attention to make them shine.

Even when it takes a lot of work.

Having the space to recognize that is a gift, indeed.