First, thanks for stopping. So glad you decided to pop over for a visit!

Next, I should ‘fess up right at the beginning: my name isn’t Martha. I don’t think that name was even in consideration when I was born. It’s Sarah, a name that did spark an animated conversation about spelling. Fun fact: my official birth certificate has the typed name crossed out, and the correct spelling handwritten above the typo.

However, I’m not what you’d call tall. And our house has plenty of land views that the casual glance would define as prairie.

I’m what I like to refer to as a full-time human being. Using the exact same 24 hours allotted to everyone else on this planet, I fill my hours as an employee, parent, spouse, volunteer, and also homemaker. Striving for perfection on all fronts is pretty much asking for either commitment to a mental institution or a nasty drinking problem.

As long as my 24 hours are filled with more “get-tos” than “have-tos,” I won’t change a thing.  Constant perfection – as exemplified by certain personalities in the infotainment realm far more disciplined than I – is not my goal, yet taking time to enjoy occasional close-to-perfections is. Hence, this blog.

I love to read, so why not share an opinion about a book or two?

Food is a lifelong passion, so when we come up with something yummy in the kitchen, it’s only fair to show the recipe and talk about what the other chefs in the household thought about it.

While I don’t do it as often as I’d like to, sometimes a little home improvement project turns into something neat that’s worth bragging about sharing.

Most importantly, I don’t want to lose sight of all the good things that happen along the way. It’s easy to miss them in the rush to the next thing. When I have a moment to pause and appreciate the good things — whether a simple courtesy from a stranger, a tender moment with a child, or a small personal triumph — I like to share them. If only to help open all our eyes to the little bits of good sprinkled all about.

That’s about it. Nothing too fancy, but some stuff to have fun with when you’ve got time! Hope you enjoy.

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