Moving on from Square One

You know something? That baby’s room won’t be so empty again for a long, long time. And that’s why, before we filled it up with stuff, we wanted to do a little something that we tried out in the Big Boy Room. Crown moulding:

Walking into the room, here's what you see.
Don’t tell Fred the Moose, but the moulding was the true crowning touch in this room.

We liked the finished product so much, we went right across the hallway and put some in our own bedroom.

Then I took a pregnancy test and the list of home improvement priorities shifted dramatically…

Now, back when we were preparing for our firstborn, I did that typical first-time-parent overboard thing when it came to getting a bedroom ready. Scaffolding was involved, and the pregnant person was the one hopping up on the scaffolding. So, the fact that there was just a small platform ladder and a little spackle involved this time around felt really restrained.

Looking side-by-side, the difference is noticeable:


It’s a small finishing touch, and not absolutely necessary to any infant gestating in my belly, but as noted at the start, this is the least occupied the room will be for quite a few years. And not having to shuffle around furniture and keep expletives at a kid-friendly level was kind of nice.

So, where was all of the stuff that had been sitting in the room? Loitering out in the hallway:

IMG_3467And, there were a few boxes of baby things waiting in the attic to be put to good use. We brought those back in, too:

IMG_3506It was one of those times when I was secretly glad that I obsessed enough to make little labels for each box of baby things we stashed.

IMG_3507We were ready to settle this room for our newest family member.

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