Square One

Back when we prepared for the arrival of our firstborn, we didn’t know if we were having a boy or girl until the baby was out, screaming to be put back in, and the doctor was shouting “it’s a boy!”

We heard plenty from people who thought that would make decorating a baby’s room next to impossible. It is nice to know that — if you really want to know — the technology exists to tell you. Our reasoning, though, was that centuries of parents were able to bring babies into the world without that key bit of information…so we had half a chance of not screwing up.

Then we had our baby. And were glad we didn’t try, based solely on gender, to decorate a room. There’s no way we would have known our son loved the color purple. Or that the outdoors would be so fascinating. Or trains. Or bridges.

You get the idea.

With a spare room just waiting to be put to use, that’s where our firstborn’s first expression of his taste and style was made earlier this year. And a lot of the stuff that just “lands” in a spare room was transferred to the former baby’s room. With a little less than a month to go until a baby takes that room over again, let’s take a little time to study our progress back to square one in this space:

IMG_3355No new paint colors. The carpet was still in decent shape.

IMG_3354No new window treatments, either. Just hung up the old set that I had made half a decade ago.

IMG_3356The closet was hiding a bunch of “not ready for the attic” stuff that would need to be relocated.

IMG_3357A few nail holes to be filled and painted over, a few scuffs and wear and tear to be washed off. That’s all that we needed to do to the walls.

Reaching this empty space still took some work. On the to-do list was:

  1. Clean out closet, deciding what items should stay for the new baby, and what needed to move to other closets or storage areas in the house.
  2. Move furniture out; go through drawers to make sure they’re empty and find new homes for any items not for a baby.
  3. Relocate “big kid” furniture to the attic. Set aside all other furniture to be used again in the room in temporary spaces.
  4. Wash spare room bedding and store on top closet shelf.
  5. Remove piles of old magazines and move to alternate storage.
  6. Go through leftover stuffed animals with our firstborn, have him decide if there are any he wants to give to the baby.
  7. Sort through framed art; decide what to use in the room, and what will need to be stored elsewhere.
  8. Decide which books from the bookshelf should stay in the room, and which books should move to other bookshelves in the house.

And there we were: square one. Before we brought in all the baby things we had stowed away, though, there was one small project we decided to tackle first.


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