Radio Silence

It’s been a little quiet around here, hasn’t it?

There was a good reason.

I was starting a new project that really sapped my energy for the first few months of the year.


For the very curious, here’s the lowdown:

  • Due around September 23.
  • Confirmed via ultrasound that we are having a baby – not an alien, dashing my hopes yet again for a financially lucrative exclusive with a tabloid – but as for the gender, we’ll find out when the little one is born.
  • Feeling fine, but definitely feeling pregnant.
  • Our kiddo is excited about being a big brother, and is busy thinking of things he can teach the baby, baby names, and seating assignments around the dining room table.

So, some home improvement priorities are going to shift. New ones are moving to the top of the list, and some – like painting the front porch – may not be physically possible and will wait for a bit. As the first trimester is past us now, the top concerns are organized by trimester:

Trimester Two: stock the freezer with meals – or meal starters – that we can use after the baby is here to make fast meals that still taste good and are good for all of us.

Trimester Three: set up the baby’s room. Luck and Fate must have been conspiring when I got the harebrained idea to make a big boy room for our son before becoming pregnant. No panicking over how to transition him into a new space, because he’s happily settled into his purple palace. Instead, this will be a matter of pulling the crib and related infant accoutrement from the attic, figuring out if anything needs to be replaced or added, and moving the current guest bedroom furniture up to the attic.

Time to pull out the cookbooks and start making a shopping list. Care to join us in the kitchen as we get cooking?


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