Bring on the purple!

We’ve made progress on that punch list for the Big Boy Room:

  • Wash down walls and trim
  • Fill/patch any nail holes, wall dings; sand down
  • Paint ceiling (This was a thirsty ceiling; it took two gallons to coat!)
  • Replace ceiling light fixture
  • Prime walls
  • Paint main color on north, west, south walls
  • Determine if chimney wall on east wall should be main color or different color; paint
  • Stencil on remaining east wall
  • Install crown moulding
  • Paint crown moulding
  • Install curtain rods over windows
  • Measure for curtains and acquire materials to make them
  • Remove any remaining furniture from room
  • Spot/steam clean carpeting
  • Sew curtains
  • (Once carpeting is completely dry) install curtain panels and bring in furniture for room
  • Measure and install bedside shelving/book storage
  • Frame coin map and hang near desk
  • Order, assemble and hang moose trophy
  • Assess other art/storage needs and research for future
  • Move leftover furniture into spare room
  • Clean out closet – swap out items between rooms as appropriate

Like I mentioned before, the intent wasn’t to make a sequential list but to remember all the stuff that needed to happen in order to finish the room before our Big Boy is doing the kind of Big Boy things I don’t even want to think about yet. Like developing a crush on a classmate. Or appreciating kinds of music that I definitely don’t and hanging band posters around his room.

But all the prep work, the boring must-do-before-the-fun-can-really-start stuff was done. And my sister offered to help with the painting. I moved a few more pieces of furniture out of the room and found them temporary homes in the hallway and other bedrooms. We were ready to bring on the purple.

(Independent business plug: I loved the fact that I could call my local paint store with the color name/number I wanted and then have it ready for me to pick up as soon as I arrived at the store. I really loved the fact that I could ask them to custom mix a shade in between two shades on the fan deck and it was no problem at all.)

Our plan to paint involved three simple steps:

  1. Apply first coat of paint
  2. While first coat dried, run out for Mexican fast food, and eat lunch while watching an episode from Season 3 of The Gilmore Girls
  3. Apply second coat of paint

We were able to move pretty quickly through the painting, thanks to the fact that we were not putting up the crown moulding until after the walls were painted – no cutting in needed at the top of the walls. That, and, the quality of the paint we were using; exactly one gallon, with a little bit left over for touch-ups that might be needed down the road. As my sister noted, it might be pricier, but considering the fact that we would have needed another gallon of lesser-quality paint to get the job done, it’s probably cost-neutral at the end of the day.

How did it turn out? Very, very purple.

Remember how this corner looked before? Wait a sec...
Remember how this corner looked before? Wait a sec…
Pretty noticeable difference.
Pretty noticeable difference.
The new hue made the color of the trim really pop.
The new hue made the color of the trim really pop.
Comparing to the "baby room," they're both great rooms in their own ways.
Comparing to the “baby room,” they’re both great rooms in their own ways.

Not every single wall was painted, though. Remember that stencil, and the darker shade of purple that I was hoping to bring in? That’ll be going here:

There's a coat of basic white on the walls where the stencil will go.
There’s a coat of basic white on the walls where the stencil will go.

So, what did our little guy think? He was at daycare during the painting, but when he arrived home and walked into the room there was a little jig, the delcaration that the room looked “a lot happier,” and that he “really liked it.”

I think it was purple enough. But we’re not done yet.

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