The Big Boy Room Punch List

There’s both benefits and pitfalls to the luxury of redecorating a spare room.

Benefit: you can leave the room in a pretty sad state while working on it, and not be too concerned that it look habitable or be all that hospitable because there’s no one waiting to get back into the room to sleep or play around.

Pitfall: not having anyone living in that room yet makes it easier to get sidetracked and to try and act on a new idea before the other must-dos get done.

So, to keep me honest on this project, I took a few minutes to pound out a “Big Boy Room Punch List” of all the things I wanted to do. There was no real organization to the list, other than thinking of the things to do. And down the list I’d think of maybe another related item, but wouldn’t actually go to the trouble to try and put this in a sequential order. I mostly wanted to make sure there was a little box to check off so I’d have the kind of motivation I’d need to keep going until it’s done.

I've checked this list more than twice...
I’ve checked this list more than twice…

The list? Taped to the door of the room, it’s got the following tasks:

  • Wash down walls and trim
  • Fill/patch any nail holes, wall dings; sand down
  • Paint ceiling
  • Replace ceiling light fixture
  • Prime walls
  • Paint main color on north, west, south walls
  • Determine if chimney wall on east wall should be main color or different color; paint
  • Stencil on remaining east wall
  • Install crown moulding
  • Paint crown moulding
  • Install curtain rods over windows
  • Measure for curtains and acquire materials to make them
  • Remove any remaining furniture from room
  • Spot/steam clean carpeting
  • Sew curtains
  • (Once carpeting is completely dry) install curtain panels and bring in furniture for room
  • Measure and install bedside shelving/book storage
  • Frame coin map and hang near desk
  • Order, assemble and hang moose trophy
  • Assess other art/storage needs and research for future
  • Move leftover furniture into spare room
  • Clean out closet – swap out items between rooms as appropriate

Not small, not big. But enough to keep me busy and focused on what needs doing.


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