…And then turkey feet appeared on the mantel.

There was much to be thankful for last week: a roof over our heads, relative good health of loved ones, food on the table.

We were thankful that we could bring a grand crowd over to fill the house and share many delicious things to eat. And that’s what I perhaps love the most about Thanksgiving: we all bring together a little something and the next thing you know you’ve got a veritable feast on your hands.

There wasn’t a line for the food, per se. Just controlled chaos.

There’s also built-in prudence measures. Example: I really, really didn’t want to share the peanut butter and chocolate dessert my niece made. I even asked her if I had to. Fortunately for the rest of the guests, she said I did. (Still deciding if I’m thankful for that or not.)

Eating happened in just about every room of the first floor. I’m thankful we had the space for that.

The living room was set up for overflow seating as well as appetizer grazing.

There was some extra thankfulness for celebrating a birthday the same day. As the guest of honor loves a brandy Manhattan, we made sure we had the ingredients on hand.

The liquor store sold everything but a Don Draper look-alike to serve them.

Carrot cake and a brandy Manhattan: the makings for a happy birthday.

I was thankful that my husband brought home a wild turkey from the Spring hunt; it meant that we had plenty of bird to go around. We prepared it almost exactly the same as the farm-raised bird that we also served up, with a couple of departures to accommodate the lower-fat and potential gamey taste. Turned out delicious.

In addition to the table fare, that turkey provided something I wasn’t expecting. Until I heard my husband muttering under his breath “I forgot the feet” as he walked towards the door to the basement. Nothing really registered in my subconscious until I went to set a few things on the table in the dining room. And saw this.

No. Words.

Now and forever, as my mind retains a picture of what Thanksgiving 2012 looked like, there’s a Dali-esque framing around Manhattans, carrot cake, and turkey feet. That’s a memory, for sure!

Here’s hoping your Thanksgiving was filled with its own wonderful, quirky memories.

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