Window Dressing in the Laundry Room

Have I mentioned lately how very fortunate I feel that the room I do laundry in is not in a basement?

Up until this house, the laundry rooms I’ve frequented have been located on the lowest level of the house, frequently in an unfinished basement. Lit by a single bulb.

Having a room with two windows where I do laundry is a blessing, indeed. Maybe that’s why I noticed how the old valance thingy that the former owners hung in the window seemed to block more light than it let in.

Remember that valance, in all its Battenberg glory?

There was no question the old window treatment would not be used in the refreshed room. I held onto the tension rod, and donated the valance to Goodwill. And was left with a bare window for a little while, which I thought was one solution to consider.

No heavy cotton. Just bright light.

Yet as I added to the walls and filled out the space a bit more, the window felt a little…undressed.

Privacy concerns are pretty much nonexistent out that window. It overlooks a bit of our yard and patio, with a nice clear view of the shed out in the yard. Pretty pleasant, to be honest. There had to be a way to soften the window’s edges without feeling like I had to block light and diminish the brilliant beauty of natural lighting in that room.

Thinking about what I’d done in other rooms, I considered the fact that I had a tension rod already there. And I didn’t want a formal curtain in there that I’d worry about getting splattered with detergents or bleach. But in our kitchen – a room on par in terms of getting a little rough treatment from time to time – I used dinner napkins over tension rods as a window treatment.

What if I did something similar in the laundry room? Only, rather than using something as heavy as a cloth napkin, we find something lighter. More delicate.

Vintage hand-embroidered handkerchiefs. Perfect.

That was a fun trip to the local antique store – so many delicate linens to browse through until I found the perfect little posies that would add a tiny bit of color. A way to diffuse some of the light, but not that noticeable when you first peek in the room. See?

It’s just there without being all that showy.

So much lovely light in that laundry room. I’m pretty lucky.


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