Cheating on Laundry Room Art

As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to have some bits of art around the laundry room. Some that serve no purpose other than to be interesting, others to be useful.

This particular piece intersects interesting and useful at the same time. And it took all of 15 minutes to pull together.

Another home improvement blog, Rambling Renovators, has been documenting a much more ambitious laundry room re-do. The homeowners put together a neat colorful guide to those cryptic little symbols you’ll see on the fabric care tags of most garments, and then shared their “Laundry Room Cheat Sheet” with their readers.

It took me about 5 seconds to pick a color, and print out my own copy at home. Then, thanks to a sale at Michael’s, I found a just-right-size frame to protect it.

I had the perfect place already picked out for this handy reminder: just above the washing machine, where I usually stand and sort out which items need to be washed in what temperature of water.

Fits like it was made for that space. Oh, wait…

It felt like cheating, just because another blogger took the time to assemble the art and then generously share it with any reader who happened by. The fact that it’s called a cheat sheet only adds to the naughty sense of taking a creative shortcut. Yet it feels like it’s rounded out the art collection in the room in the sweetest, most sensible way.

Just a few more tweaks, and then we’re done.


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