Laundry Room: Functional Art

It’s been a while since I’ve updated on progress in the laundry room…but that doesn’t mean I’ve just been washing clothes, scooping used litter and staring at empty walls. A few little here-and-there projects have happened along the way, and after a little quality time with the camera this weekend, I’m getting around to updating on the final touches for this round of a laundry room re-do.

Today, let’s look at the north wall of the laundry room, where a little strip of wall is visible between the door from the rest of the house and the door to that hot mess of a closet. I realized it was the perfect home for a thread organizer that my mom dropped off after a weekend spent cleaning out an old family cabin that was going on the market.

Particle board, meet your new friends: oak and pine.

Nothing that visually stunning, but it offered me the opportunity to free up a little real estate in my sewing basket and help me find the right color thread for the odd mending job.

A little closer, you can see the dowels and divots that help hold the spools in place.

One strike against this simple piece: that particle fabulousness. If the room were filled with painted trim it may not be much of a quibbling point. But sandwiched between solid oak trim and pine panel doors, it was that awkward cousin moment you find yourself in at those every-few-years family reunion. One trip to the local home improvement store and a $5 investment in a can of “strawflower” spray paint, and a subtle change was in effect.

Just different enough to feel like it’s not trying to fit in. Or stand out.

Neutral enough to show off the beautiful, brilliant threads it houses, and a little more domesticated for the new environment that thread holder found itself in.

Functional art is nice and all. But balancing it with something that’s there just for fun was also on my list. Up next: pops of color.


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