Comfort Cooking: Pumpkin Scones

When you’re in a funk, a bit of perspective is helpful. I got just the right dose earlier this week, courtesy of a certain storm that was visiting the East Coast. My grandmother grew up in Massachusetts, and we keep in touch with family who live out there. As the storm’s path was updated and looked like it could graze parts of the state where our family lives, I sent a brief note via Facebook to one cousin. Her reply was classic: “…lucky to still have electricity, a cup of hot tea, and a pumpkin scone with maple glaze.” It painted the perfect picture of my cousin, sipping her tea and munching on her scone while looking at the storm outside, just daring it to cross her threshold.

Recalling I still have some pumpkin puree frozen from last year’s pie pumpkins, I thought it would be nice to bake a batch of pumpkin scones – fill the house with that spicy aroma, and start the day on an uplifting note. And then I got an idea for a great pairing: apple butter, made by a very good friend of the family who has been in literally the fight of her life this year as she underwent a stem cell transplant to hopefully kill off an aggressive cancer. Despite the cancer’s shifty double-crossing ways, she hasn’t stopped cooking or creating. She simply refuses to let a few rogue cells redefine her – instead, it’s amplified her appreciation of the people she loves and things she loves to do.

So I give you inspiration on a plate: pumpkin scones to “Di” for, and apple butter made by the Unsinkable Luann:

Perfect plate to kick off a new week.

Want to make a batch of your own pumpkin scones? I used a recipe from Taste of Home. I’m one of those people who believes a scone can be moist and rich, not a dry brick that one often finds at a coffee shop, and this recipe definitely delivers on that front. Be warned, this batch makes 16 scones – perfect for a pot luck, or perhaps a hostess gift baskets with a packet of coffee grounds tucked into a basket as a treat for the Thanksgiving cooks you know. My son gave it a thumbs up before he realized a bit of glaze was on the tip of his thumb, and then he had to lick his fingers. I’m thinking of a few houses where we might discreetly deliver some yet today, since I don’t think we’ll be able to eat them all…


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