Daily Gratitude – catch-up time!

I need to catch up. Mostly because my October didn’t end on exactly a high note, and I was feeling resolved to get back into the excellent habit of finding something to feel grateful about every day of November as a constructive means to prevent some never-ending pity party in my head.

So, either just as I’m falling asleep or waking up the past couple of days, I’m jolted by the realization that I hadn’t posted what I was grateful for. Let’s catch up, shall we?

November 1: the glimpse of bright red in a dormant lilac bush – the cardinal reminding me that, while the leaves may have fallen, there’s still brilliant colors in nature to be found.

November 2: the optimistic sense of a fresh start that comes at the beginning of each month.

..and today: the luxury of a Saturday that didn’t contain any have-tos, but lots of fun get-tos.

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