Sunday Stitchin’: Arms Race

If I were a one-armed, knitter, I could call this project done:

Of course, if I were a one-armed knitter, this cardigan would be taking a lot longer to finish…

Just to catch you up, I completed the edge of the body of this sweater last Sunday. And kind of got caught up in the happy dance and making dinner that I didn’t take time to post an update. Plus, I was so excited to pick up the armhole stitches and get going, I just dove in and kept on with it.

So, by this Sunday morning, one sleeve was done and the second sleeve’s armhole was picked up. It’s possible that I’ll be done with knitting this in a week! There’s still a few things to do before I can wear it, like blocking the shape. And, a bigger decision: do I add buttons and make this a closeable cardigan, or leave it open? From the casual fittings I’ve done, I like how it hangs when there’s no closures. But we’ll see.

I’m excited to be close to done – and I’m also excited that this project hasn’t eaten my brain. I’m looking forward to the next few projects I’ve lined up for myself after this one!

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  1. humbledaisy1 says:

    I am knitting a similar cardigan for my daughter who is more “endowed” than I, shall we say. I knit her front collar and edging a bit wider so she could close it with a shawl pin if she wanted or just leave it open. I am also stuck on the sleeve – ugh, all that shifting around. Love your color!

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