Sunday Stitchin’: Catch-Up Edition

Ever had one of those weeks that felt like you were scaling the Cliffs of Insanity?

That was the past week for me, which is why last week’s update didn’t happen. But I had thought to snap a picture before the insanity stuff happened, only the subsequent post didn’t materialize. So, here’s how the sweater was looking last Sunday:

At this point, it was too big to spread out on the windowseat, so I just arranged it on the floor and snapped quickly. I’d begun a bit of the shaping around the waistline, where the pattern directs you to decrease a few stitches, then work a couple inches in the decreased amount before increasing a few stitches again. It was a landmark week because it was the first time I could try on the sweater and check the progress that way.

This week? I had a couple of epiphanies about my progress: it’s progress, but I would not be finishing this sweater in the same month I started it. I’m feeling pretty excited about the possibility of wearing this lovely thing on Halloween, but we’re not done yet. That said, I took a step back and forced myself to not work on it every day; take a break; work on my climb up the Cliffs of Insanity and take care of the other bits of life for a while, and come back when I felt like I had a little room in my bursting brain to enjoy it.

Friday night I picked up the needles again; over Saturday and Sunday, I worked on it a little bit here and there, and can see noticeable progress now:

So, so, so close to finishing the body now! The waist shaping is done, and I have about 4.5 inches of the pattern to add before doing a little ribbing on the edge to finish it off; but we’re done with the increases, decreases, shaping the v-neck, and it’s just knitting. The only markers are where the button band ends and the body stitching begins, so we dropped about six markers as the waist shaping ended.

Next up: sleeves.

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