Conversation to kill time on the road

DISCLAIMER: No one in the car was pregnant at the time this conversation happened. No one recapping this conversation is pregnant, either. Felt the need to state this up-front given the subject matter about to be discussed.

Sooo, not pregnant. Got that? Okay. Moving on, now.

[Conversation in the car on our way somewhere, because the people-watching in neighboring vehicles wasn’t all that interesting.]

ME: How about Pierce for a boy’s name?

HIM: Pierce? [throws eyebrow-askew glance towards passenger side]

ME: Yeah! Like Pierce Brosnan. Not a bad actor, if you ask me. Or, more significantly, as in Benjamin Franklin Pierce, the character in M*A*S*H.

HIM: Pierce?

ME: You know, Hawkeye Pierce, nicknamed after the character in James Fenimore Cooper’s “The Last of the Mohicans…”

HIM: …where we got the idea of using Cora for a girl’s name!

ME: Annnd there. The dots are connected. Circle complete, see?

HIM: I don’t know.

ME: sigh.


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