Sunday Stitchin’ – Rocking my Dory Mantra

“Just keep stitching, just keep stitching…” was where we left off last week (quoth the Dory in “Finding Nemo”). And as we wrap up another week?

Starting to look like a sweater, isn’t it? (Humor me.)

Steadily stitching, I’ve made it to the point in the pattern where we start adding a little silhouette shaping to the piece. About 8 rows away from setting up the sleeves and working on the rest of the body.

We’re more than halfway through the month, and I am definitely not halfway through making this sweater. I could be discouraged, but that would take away from enjoying the progress I’ve made so far. And I want to be happy about doing it, not necessarily doing it within a month’s time. Because, really: if I make this cardigan in less than the four-plus years it took me to make the last sweater I took on, that’s a big improvement in my book.

Until next Sunday!

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