Sunday Stitchin’ (one day late)

I’ll just beg holiday weekend brain. And a drive home from the cabin last night that had most of us sitting dazed in the living room or in bed asleep. So, here’s the first of the weekly updates on the September sweater I’m working on.

Pattern: Zephyr, by Tori Gurbisz (offered by Lachesis & Co.)

Yarn: Rittenhouse Merino 5-ply

Cast on: September 1

As of September 3, here’s how it’s looking:

Basically, I’ve got the start of the buttonband under way and have moved the ends of what is going to be the collar of the cardigan onto the knitting cable so I can pick up the stitches that will become the yoke and shoulders to begin working on adding more of the “sweater” part of the sweater to this piece.

Here’s a closer look at both the stitching detail for the buttonband as well as the color variations in the yarn. I realize the photos of the yarn I showed before didn’t quite do the variation in color proper justice, so this helps communicate some of the fluidity of the color.

I probably would be further along, but I spent much of Saturday undoing and re-starting the buttonband until I had mastered the twisting stitch that gives the band the latticework effect. I’m glad I did take the time to really master it, though, because I’m much more comfortable doing it.

More to come next week…

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