I guess I really like the color.

This great local shop has a fun little series they call “12 in 12.” It’s a sweater pattern a month, and you can choose to do as few or as many as you’d like. You can get a discount on the materials and pattern you purchase to participate in a certain month, and if you complete the item during the month you get entered to win a little prize. Nice, low pressure, just another way to connect with fellow knitters.

And browsing the selections was fun! There were two that caught my eye, and decided to give the September sweater a try. I purchased and downloaded the pattern, and when the same shop was having a yarn sale on some discontinued brands, the timing was right to pick up enough of what I’d need to participate in the September 12 in 12 sweater project.

You know how you can walk into a shop, looking for something in general, and then that something kind of stands out in your eyes? You lock in, drawn to something that just thrumms in your heart? And then the sales person holds it up while squinting at you, talking about how it picks up your skin tones and really glows? Yeah. That’s what happened to me when I set eyes on these lovelies.

Kind of rosy. A few licks of flame sprinkled throughout. Reminded me of a maple tree ablaze in the autumn months. Perfect for a September sweater!

I walked to my car, the newly-purchased yarn winking at me from inside the discreet brown paper bag I was given to carry them home, when I stopped. And smacked my palm to my forehead.

Where had I seen that color before?

I think I have a new favorite color. I just didn’t know it at the time.

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