Holy schnitkes, I done knit this!

So, remember back when I talked about my wish to find my knitting grove after a long hiatus? And that there was a sweater I had started more than four years ago that I really wanted to finish?

Well, it’s done.

It fits the person I knit it for; and we may tweak the neck to make it a crewneck instead of mock-turtleneck, but the wearer is still debating it. The rest of it, though, is done.

Then I took a class earlier this month to learn a little more about how to make hats. And, warned by the instructor that a first hat is often one only a mother would love, I made one for my son.

Made with a machine-washable yarn, in case that little chapeau were ever to get dirty.

When my husband saw how it turned out, then he wanted a hat of his own. So I made that, too.

The resident fiber snob insisted on Icelandic wool. Because he can.

And all of a sudden, I’m left with this sense of having found my knitting groove. Excited about challenging my brain with intricate patterns and forging ahead with new projects. It’s great.

So great, in fact, that I think I might try and document my progress to knit a cardigan in the month of September. I found some yarn for it that surprised me in more ways than one. I’ll be back with other details on that project soon.

For now, I’m taking a well-deserved breather from the needles to stand back, look at the creations I’ve completed in the past month – way, way more than I’ve accomplished in the past four years, knitting-wise – and say to myself, “holy schnitkes, I done knit this!”

From my fingers.

(And then I’ll say three Hail Marys for that terrible grammar. Because I’m guilt-ridden about the English language like that.)


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