Daily Gratitude

For the woman on the sidewalk in front of me, walking slowly in the unusually warm summer air. Blocking both directions and making it impossible to pass unless I darted out into the street.

It forced me to slow my own pace, lift my head and look around at the trees, shrubs and flowers. They’re putting on quite a show with the excessive sun and soaring temperatures.

It made me really feel the warm breeze, how warm it was, and think about how in a matter of weeks that breeze will feel much cooler.

It made me listen to the sounds of the small town around me. It’s just background noise most days, but for those few moments it was my eavesdropping on snapshots of peoples’ lives and business dealings that continue every day regardless of whether I notice them.

Sometimes you’re forced to slow down. But it’s not so bad when you let yourself appreciate what your senses absorb once you do.


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