Progress report: Laundry Room

So, a while back I was talking about how the laundry room was sort of messing with my chi, and my inner conflict between wanting to just dive in and lose myself to the project for however long it took and pausing to think, think, feel a little and think.

In some cases, clarity came pretty quickly. Like how to mask the kitty litter stash without getting all cutesy, or what to use as a workspace within the room that wouldn’t threaten to swallow the entire space like its predecessor.

In other cases, it was a long process that culminated in the loudest voice inside my head saying “enough staring at the paint chips. It’s only paint, for the love of God. You don’t like it, you paint over it. The end.”

And so, little bit by little bit over the past few months, changes have been made. And there are more to make. If you want the full run-down of my hopes and dreams for this little room, then let’s take a moment to visit my first post about this room.

Most recently, though, the most noticeable change has been wall color.

(But before we start a photo tour, one quick note: I’m not a professional photographer. Any of you out there who perhaps harbored a suspicion that I might be, these will quickly dispel those.)

From the hallway the changes are pretty quickly evident.

Removing the large dresser-like piece of furniture (and big thanks to my Dad for helping me lug that big thing up to the attic, where it will spend an indeterminate amount of time reflecting on what it wants its’ new life to be) made a big difference in opening up the sense of space. Even though the room’s dimensions haven’t changed at all.

The kitchen table from our old house is now an all-purpose table in the laundry room. (Thanks to my husband for helping me lug it into the room.) The space beneath became the perfect location for the kitty lounge and new litter bucket.

The light kind of plays around with the appearance of the new color here, but to compare how the colors look, along with how a curtain-less window looks, this is a decent comparison:

I love how the new color plays more nicely with the wood trim in the room.

With the change in color came a new idea, too.

Finding an old waste basket in the closet off the laundry led to a more tranquil swap-out. Plus, it’s a covered bin; if it’s out in the open, a covered bin seems like a smarter choice.

The old color is still present in the room – the door to the closet was untouched. For now, it seems like a nice little accent. I reserve the right to change my mind, though.

Old color, meet new color.

The color is from Benjamin Moore’s historic colors collection, “Van Allen Green.” I wanted to find a shade that wouldn’t get into a tussle with some of the more “permanent” colors in the room’s flooring. So far, they’re getting along just fine.

See? They can play nice.

So, as far as progress goes, this is nice progress. The color is different; the oaken monolith is gone – its’ replacement found for zero cost, I might add; new litter storage courtesy a farm supply store, and new location for the kitty lounge that the cats do not object to.

Up next: taking storage up a level.


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