The Easter Scramble

I like to obsess. That’s not news to anyone who’s stopped by and read even one post. So the opportunity to host an Easter gathering for some family with less than two weeks’ notice was one I was happy to let myself get a little absorbed in.

The mission: brunch. But not a ton of work to make it difficult to whip up a potato dish afterwards to bring to our next gathering later in the day. But not getting to “do” an Easter meal that often, I couldn’t resist the chance to pull out the china, do a little fussing, and have a little fun…

With the number of guests, it was a great chance to break out the wedding china.
And the colorful season gave me the perfect idea for a little treat at each place setting: nests made of chow mein noodles and chocolate, holding plastic beribboned eggs that contained more sweet surprises.
A "honey bunny" from Great Harvest Bread kept our decorated eggs company and guard the nest of chocolate truffle eggs.
The menu included a strata, home fries, asparagus with a parmesan lemon vinaigrette, hot cross buns, mini bagels and lox, and a berry trifle. Mimosas and coffee were also served.
There was a little food left at the end of the feast, just enough to put into care packages.

It was a treat for me to do this, even if it’s just for this year. Hope you had a wonderful Easter, too.

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