The Lurch Migration

Remember that sight of Lurch, leering over the back of the sectional in the living room? No? Here’s a reminder for you:

"What's that you're reading?"

After we put all the Christmas decorations away, I just had to get him out of there. So, off he went to “Purgatory,” which is also known as the area at the bottom of the stairs where things kind of wait to go up. And debated for a while where upstairs dear Lurch could live. Then came the part where we actually had to move the big, honkin’ ficus up a flight of stairs…not for the faint of heart, and to spare any young eyes that may stray across this post we’ll just sum up the experience with a commemorative Haiku:

Up the stairs we went,

Reaching, always, for more:

More light, more space, serenity.


Lurch’s new home is in a corner of our bedroom:

"Aw, a cradle. How darling! Wait, is that Rosemary's Baby in there?"

Now instead of hovering over guests he hovers over a family cradle where someone’s hiking sock collection currently resides – and occasionally the cats will make a nest out of those socks and have a nice nap.

...though if you look in the lower left corner of this picture, you can see the cats on the bed, plotting their next attack upon Lurch. They took this personally.

While the cats have not yet found a benefit to Lurch presiding over one of their napping platforms, they have discovered a new pastime: try to use the cradle as leverage to scale Lurch. The game is far from over, but the current score stands at Cats: 0, Lurch: 2.

It seems to be a better fit for Lurch here. True, it’s sometimes a challenge not to cry out “nobody puts Lurch in a corner!” some mornings, and other times I’d swear he’s questioning my choice of wardrobe. But we’re getting along a bit better than we were in the living room.


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