Kitchens can be so serious sometimes.

I can understand why: food, after all, is one of those items on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs.

There’s a lot of people of influence out there that want you to take your kitchen, and the things you use to make your household’s food, pretty seriously. It’s like you’re stocking a workshop, only instead of working on cars or carpentry, it’s cuisine.

I like my tools. They help me do some fun things in here.

Food, while utilitarian, can also be a form of art. How true to a recipe you keep, or where you dare to “cook outside the lines” and create something your guests love, or forming great memories around a fantastic meal. It’s also been known to take on a sedative form: my mom likes to share a story of how, when she can’t sleep, she’ll ask my dad to tell her about his favorite childhood meal. The level of detail he goes into is enough to lull her to sleep.

While you create your own art in a kitchen, it’s also fun to find those artistic touches that help inspire you. As I look around our kitchen, in addition to all the tools, it kind of dawned on me that we’ve selected and hung little reminders to not take things too seriously around here… this fun photo, which my husband used as a focal point in a frame we turned into an apron hanger.
Here's a closer view of the photo in that frame.

Creative twists on the unexpected, with a nod to our country kitchen’s past:

Above a doorway hangs an old piece of barn board, with nesting chickens painted on it.

And, living in the Midwest, who could deny the truth of this print?

It's more apropos to the husband's Scandinavian side, but hey.
Couldn't quite read the text on that print? Here's a close-up.

They lighten the mood, and help keep perspective when you’re waiting for your syrup to reach hard crack stage, wouldn’t you agree?


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  1. Spoon Feast says:

    Fun! Thanks for sharing your kitchen. Pots racks are great, aren’t they.

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