What would you do with three days?

You see, we have a bit of a break in the week between Christmas and New Year’s. Both my husband and I. It feels like a blank canvas staring at me, daring me to turn a few days into some masterpiece of an experience that I can look back on with fondness.

But I’m torn between some hard-line dedication to practicing the art of doing nothing and the more agrarian mindset of working myself to exhaustion over all those things I tend to put off and say I’ll get to someday. Because I have three days of relative freedom before me.

Wait, did that week just shrink down to three days? Yes, readers. Yes it did. You see, our son’s daycare (and I love my son with every fiber of my being. Damn near skipped work this morning just to let him nap the day away all cuddled up in my lap the way he was) is closed for a few days around the holiday season. Which I totally respect and definitely want to encourage so the people charged with looking after our son and ensuring he lives to dance another day are all the more energetic and enthused about their work. But if facts are to be acknowledged: you can’t get a lot done with a 3-year-old hanging about. You can have lots of fun, and be silly, and remember some of the hilarious hijinks of your childhood, but that list of things you put off tends to continue growing. So what would be a week-long break is in reality more of a three-day blip on the calendar.

Selfish as it may sound, I crave time to myself in my own home. It’s in short supply. The home would feel like just a house if it weren’t filled with family and pets and noise and craziness. But every now and then I just need the quiet and space to exhale, reflect a little bit on life, and recharge my batteries.

I’ve already committed to some things, like a Gilmore Girls marathon with my sister. And celebrating our birthdays, both of which fall in the month of December.

I’ve been seriously considering a little furniture project just because I don’t know how bad it may wind up smelling – seriously! – and referring back to the productivity levels being affected by a 3-year-old, this would be the prime time to do something.

I’ve been toying around with recipe ideas. Tackling that nasty porcupine meatball idea is at the top of my list. I also have an unreasonable desire to make onion shreds. That’s only tempered by the fact that it involves doing some deep frying and if I manage to pull it off I will have set a precedent on frying at home. And I don’t know if I want to do that.

So, if you had 3 days to do anything – without necessarily involving travel or overnights away – what would you do?

(That’s not a rhetorical question. Throw me a bone, here!)


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