A $2 centerpiece for the holidays? Youbetcha.

Right before the first snow of the season, our son took us on a “pine cone picking” expedition around the  yard. We’ve got a few mature trees that gave an interesting variety of pine cones. A few different sizes and shapes made for an interesting-looking bucket o’ cones. At the time I thought to myself “I’ll need to think of something to do with all these pine cones.”

As we wrapped up the holiday decorating around the house this past weekend, it came to me: centerpiece! I cleaned up a hurricane shade, and grabbed a holiday-themed plate, and set the form for a little vertical holiday fun. After a trip to a local hardware store, where I scored a few colorful ornaments for a grand total of $1.98 (just over $2 when the sales tax was added), this centerpiece was ready to take center stage.

But it had to be put together first. And I had to put together dinner at the same time. Solution: recruit the son and husband to do it! They got a little creative time and I got a little nosh for the family. Here’s how it turned out:

Leaning tower of pine cones!

A little nature, a little sparkle, and a lot of fun in making this one-of-a-kind decorative piece. One of the things I like most about this is how you look at a little something different depending on where you sit at the table.

A little bit closer, another viewpoint.

In addition to seeing the pride on our son’s face whenever he sees this on the table, I get a little charge out of knowing how little this cost to put together, and how all the pieces and be repurposed for something else next season.

How about you? Have any unique holiday decorating tricks you want to share? Leave a reply and tell us all about it.


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