The cat doesn’t like to share my lap.

I’m reminded of this as I try and write this tonight.

But she’s warm and cuddly, to her advantage this evening, as I’m fighting one of those “cold, tired, and curling up in bed right now seems like the best thing I could do” impulses. But we’re so close to the end of November, and the conclusion of #NaBloPoMo, that I just can’t abandon this post.

And so, the cat and my computer are duking it out.

I think the cat is winning, if the typos I keep correcting are any sign.

We started putting up Christmas decorations yesterday, and continued today. The cats, true to form, have made their feelings known in a most feline way: puking. Which is why I had to clean up a pile of regurgitated cat food centered perfectly in front of the Christmas tree this afternoon. At least it was centered, but I’m confused since the tree becomes their fort over the holidays and it may be one of their favorite holiday items to come out of storage.

One of their least favorite items is a holiday scene that lights up, plays music, and moves a little. It was a gift for our son from his great-grandfather a couple of years ago. This is the first year that he’ll just stand in front of the table the piece rests on and gaze at it, telling us what’s happening righthtenandthere. My husband, who delights in startling cats off of tables, piles of newspapers, or beds, would be doing it a lot more around this display if he weren’t reminded that Santa is watching.

In addition to the Christmas decorations, we also experimented with our Thanksgiving leftovers today, making a shepherd’s pie using the turkey, some gravy, mashed potatoes and stirring in a saute of carrots, celery and onions. Served with a little cranberry sauce and stuffing on the side. Not bad, but could use some tweaks (like maybe add some of the stuffing to the pie itself). I also had to bake a pan of brownies. No one was holding a gun to my head and telling me to, but it was a gray, damp November day around these parts. And those days beg for a little aroma of hot chocolate cooking in a dense, chewy batter. Like brownies.

And, that’s it. The cat has won this round. Time to sign off for now, but will be back with more tomorrow…


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  1. beth salzl says:

    I make a shepards pie using the stuffing as the crust by adding an egg. Its very tasty.

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