Full of Thanks

If you remember, we started building our centerpiece for the Thanksgiving table a little while ago. It started out looking pretty bare, as a picture showed in the post describing how we created it.

Before taking the Thankful Tree down to make room for Christmas decorations, we took a moment to admire the final tree.

Lots of leaves on our Thankful Tree!

So, you’re maybe wondering what was written on those leaves. Here’s the full list (and I’ll remind you, a 3-year-old had a heavy hand in determining what we were thankful for each day):

  • Family
  • Warm cookies
  • Halloween
  • Friends
  • Daycare
  • Crispy smashed potatoes on a Sunday evening
  • Snuggly cats who can remind you to slow down. And pet them.
  • Warm fires in the fireplace
  • Dance class
  • Whispered words from m son about how much he likes to snuggle
  • The food processor
  • Hugs
  • Poop. In the toilet.
  • Pee. In the toilet.
  • Michelle
  • Daughters who cook better than their mother.

Sometimes it was tricky to remember which “kid” in the family wrote what. But the guests yesterday loved the idea and got a real kick out of reading all the leaves on the tree. It’s something we’ll be trying again in another year!

Up next: decking the halls.

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  1. Karina says:

    what a nice idea for a centerpiece

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