Today is a good day.

Today there will be a fire in the fireplace.

Today there has been a unplanned-for-but-nice binge on caramel corn and toffee corn.

Today we brought our son into the big city to visit a local holiday display that was a mainstay of my childhood. It’s also where we picked up the caramel corn and toffee corn.

Today we witnessed the first measurable snowfall begin as we exited the parking ramp in the big city and made our way back home; and it felt like the holiday season was beginning.

Today our son was cracking us up as he waddled his way across a parking lot while loudly announcing “I’m a penguin!”

Today the cats are in full-on “decorative” mode. The one where you can pick them up, move them to some piece of furniture or a lap, and they just stay there.

Today after naptime will probably mark the first time snowboots are put on as our son will demand to explore the wintry wonderland outside and see if he can finally make the snowman he’s been envisioning since he first spied frost on the ground a couple of months ago.

Today would have been my paternal grandmother’s birthday, if she wasn’t partying up in heaven already. And I still miss her.

Tomorrow there will be chores to do, maybe even a little shoveling. But today, so far…today is a good day.


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