It’s the end of another week.

And it’s way past my bedtime. But I didn’t want to rest my head before giving it a moment to settle down and reflect on what I’m grateful for:

I have a roof over my head.

I have a full kitchen and enjoy making meals for my family and friends.

I have the love of a good man.

Much as it hurts, I can appreciate how deep sadness can amplify the wonderful things present every day. It’s those wonderful things that help heal the source of sadness.

I have a kid who loves to snuggle. And I even let him use it as a stall tactic, however briefly.

I can face something that scares me – it can be a different something depending on the day – and live to tell the tale.

The cats can be entertained/frustrated by a single sticker for a long, long time.

The people I get to work with are pretty awesome.

I can go to bed tonight knowing I’ll see the sun shining tomorrow.

I can exhale.


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