Curtain Call

They’re done.

Here you can see both styles of curtains in the room. And no, I didn't clean before taking these pictures.

A few late nights, a few stolen naptimes, and a lot of unwanted help from the cat who thinks she can sew, and they’re done.

I love seeing the afternoon light shine through the curtains by the tall window.

Here’s one more view, from the far corner where we have an office set up.

We've ruefully named the ficus "Lurch." The fate of Lurch is undecided; not sure if pruning wtill help.

If they don’t look like that much to you, don’t feel bad. We’re not “dress up the windows with enough fabric to make it look like they have shoulder pads” aesthetes. We like a little, but not too much. So it’s been a good fit for what we call our style.

These shots really don’t do justice to the dimension of the fabric, so here’s an extreme close-up…


There’s one little trick I used when assembling the panels for the tall windows. The decorative rods were designed to work with rings that have clips on them. Which is great for quick and easy installation, but I didn’t want the clip part showing. So I picked up some rings and sewed them on the rod pocket. See?

The clips are cleverly disguised.

This way, if we ever wanted to re-use the panels or change out the rod we’ve got a few more options at our disposal without drastically changing the construction.

So, there. Curtains made. Ahead of deadline.

What’s next? Well, I did just pick up a little something on Craigslist that needs some TLC. We’ll see…


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