My mind is officially lost.

I’ve left my mind somewhere. Not sure where, exactly. But very early this morning (somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 or 2 a.m.) a train was traveling the tracks that are about a mile from our house. And the engineer was following protocol, announcing the train’s approach to the intersection. But it also woke our son, and he needed a little comforting and reminder that a train is not going to drive right into the house. He wanted a snuggle, and who am I to deny him?

One of the cats woke me up, still dozing in the boy’s bed. I’ve come to rely on the cats as my own alarm clock; they usually land from out of nowhere – strategically aiming for my bladder, I swear – about 15 minutes before the alarm clock goes off. I’ll scratch a furry belly, and eventually get up and start the day. So, after a few minutes of rubbing a cat’s belly in our son’s bed I dragged myself up and out of his room, staggered downstairs and promptly filled the cat’s food dishes just as they’ve trained me to.

I can remember feeling pretty tired, which I chalked up to the late night train ride. I started calculating how much coffee to brew as I walked to the pantry to fetch the bag of coffee grounds. It was a quick glance up at the wall clock that made me do a double take. 3:15?!? I shrugged my surprise off pretty quickly, remembering that the clock has been running a bit slow and probably needs a new battery. Only to squint at the clock on the coffeemaker. Which also said 3:15.

Did we have a power outage? Wondering what the heck was going on, I grabbed the mobile phone. Which also said 3:15.

No wonder I felt so tired. It wasn’t time to get up yet.

Rather than go back to bed, though, I spent 5 minutes debating whether I could wake up enough to continue the curtain project and get a bit more done…because I’m getting antsy to finish that up and move on to obsessing about Thanksgiving. Did you know Thanksgiving is only six weeks away now?

Fatigue won out, and back to bed I went for another hour-and-a-half. But it was only about an hour of sleep, as I had to vacate another sleeping cat from my spot on the bed, and then try to convince her not to knock things off the nightstand in retaliation.

Somewhere in the midst of all that came the realization that I am not losing my mind; I’ve lost it already. The awareness of it being lost didn’t come up until just then.

Now what?


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