A box of an unassuming nature was delivered to our doorstep while we were away today.

We knew the day would come.

Nothing that would make one’s heart skip a beat, per se, until I zeroed in on the logo the box was wearing.

It had arrived.

The replacement!

The folks at Calphalon apparently agreed with my assessment of the little old saute pan (that or I filled in the little check boxes properly), and saw fit to send me this:

Say it with me: "Unison..."

And there we had it. A new saute pan.

Meet the family.

But we weren’t about to let the new kid just hang around, waiting to be picked for the next cooking team challenge. Oh, no…

Get cookin', little saute pan!

We had to get dinner on the table, you know. And, seeing that this fine new line of nonstick cookware is dishwasher safe, we’re now testing the mettle of this new piece of metal as it’s being scrubbed to a fare-thee-well in our dishwasher. How liberating!

Looking back on the entire process, I have to give kudos to Calphalon. Their new system kept me updated on when they received the old saute pan, managed my expectations as to when it would be reasonable to know the outcome of their review, and notified me when they shipped out the replacement. And, like the old pan I turned in, this new one also has a lifetime warranty.

Thank you, Calphalon, for honoring your promise to your customers.

(Final aside, then I’m done for tonight: these are my own opinions. I have plenty of them, and this is one I chose to share. The folks at Calphalon did not ask me to put in a good word for them when they sent the pan. They did not ask me to put in a bad word, either. They just went about doing their jobs like they do every day. I simply noticed and wrote about it here.)


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