Thoughts from the weekend.

Anyone who read Friday’s post may have been wondering two things:

  1. Were there any demands for Monkey Bread?
  2. How was the MN Blogger Conference?

As a matter of fact, there was a demand for Monkey Bread. It came late Saturday, though. To which I asked, “you’re just figuring this out now?” The response: “I’ve been busy taking care of our son.” Many responses formed in my mind, but none left my lips. But there are plans for Monkey Bread in the near future.

The Blogger Conference was a very interesting experience. You pretty much had the whole gamut of blogger present – from professionals who use this medium as another way to connect and communicate with their customers to people who are simply passionate about something and enjoy this particular art of expressing themselves. Planning an event that speaks to both ends of the spectrum and everyone in between is not an easy thing, and many reviews that I’ve read about it have been glowing. As they should be.

Taking a step back from the execution of the event and trying to distill out my own experiences, likes and dislikes, and it’s a little more time to process. The day went by quickly for me, and not once did I feel bored or intimidated. And perhaps that is my biggest compliment to the organizers of this event: no forced interactions, no embarrassing ice-breakers, just room to interact as you are comfortable doing so. I was emboldened to reach out in some cases, and too shy in others.

Leaving the conference, my head felt full of ideas and new questions. Lots of things to think about, and I’d never say that was a bad thing. It’s impressive to know that some fellow attendees have been blogging for close to a decade if not more, while others just launched their blog mere months ago.

If there’s another conference next year, I’d definitely sign up to attend again. And if you’re a blogger yourself who considered attending, I’d say stop thinking and start going. You won’t regret it.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to check for a few ingredients in the pantry. I have to make Monkey Bread soon, you know.


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