Restoring a Closet in Crisis.

So, over the weekend I managed to clean out a bunch of unworn/shouldn’t be worn clothes. What’s left on the hangers is this:

That busted tie rack has got to go!

It was not easy to decide to publish that photo. Why? Because this closet does not look the way I’d like it to. I’m not talking about the clothes, but how the clothes are stored. Remember this, because in a few months’ time (hopefully) things will look a bit different in terms of the closet structure. Oh, and I don’t wear the ties. Just had to get that out there.

Anyway, like I’ve said before, I’d rather not shop for clothes for myself. For one, it’s a trick to get time to myself to do that. For two, I’m miserly when it comes to a wardrobe budget for me. Imagine those two statements circling my head as I’m checking my email when, up pops a note from a deal service I subscribe to. And they’re offering 50% off gift cards in $40 increments from a clothing retailer I’ve liked for many a year. So, for $20 I could have a gift card worth $40. Jumped on that one, figuring I could take time in the next week or two to carve out a trip to their nearest location to browse.

Two days later, kid you not, I get a note from the same retailer, promoting a new special they’re running: $25 off any purchase of $50 or greater. For any items in-store or online, regular or sale price. At which point the clouds above me parted to allow a shaft of light to beam gently on the monitor as a choir of angels started trilling right behind my ears. And a plan starts taking shape…

The next day, my gift card arrives in the mail. I start scouting the outlet room online (which allows the very lovely feature of filtering the items in the size you’re looking for, so you don’t fall in love with something that’s not even available in your size), and found two things that I thought would make nice additions to what’s left in my closet. The shirt can go with jeans or pants, be dressed up or down. I’ve got a shell I think would go great under that jacket, and the variety of colors in the ribbon bands will let me add even more variety down the line.

Originally retailed at $69.95, in the outlet for $39.99
Jacket retailed for $99.50, in the outlet for $23.99.

So there! It’s a start. I did have to pay a few dollars for shipping and handling, but doing the math it’s still a heckuva deal (and math is not my strong suit, but I think I’m pretty close on this one).

For $20, I snapped up two pieces that are machine washable, fit me, and originally retailed for a combined $169.45. Even factoring in the $8 shipping and handling, I have a hard time finding fault with this purchasing decision.

What’s next? A little break. A little more cruising the clearance racks at other stores when time permits. This led me to a $5 pair of black jeans over the weekend that had me feeling better about my denim situation.

And brainstorming some more organization ideas for the closets in our master bedroom. Plans have evolved, and we’re almost ready to start setting a timeline for putting words to action. Cannot wait for that day to come!


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