Domestic Blitz: T-Minus One Day

It’s crunch time! And I do mean crunch…

The daily to-do list suffered for a couple of days while our little one fought a flu bug (and he’s not the kind to just sit on a couch and watch videos yet…he needs you by his side constantly until he’s feeling better!), but the nice part of breaking all the preparations out over a week meant not completely decompensating when things weren’t getting done when I thought they would be.

So, what’s on the docket for today?

  • As soon as this post is up, I’ll mix up a brine for our turkey to relax in today. We don’t do anything fancy for the brine, just a couple gallons of water, a cup of salt, and up to 12 hours in the fridge. The reason this will be set up this morning is that we like to give the bird a little time in the fridge to dry out the skin before it’s roasted. This helps ensure a nice, crispy skin that my mother and grandfather like to pick away at.
  • Need to grab a few things at the grocery store, which I’ll do when I head home from the office at midday today.
  • Pack an overnight bag for our little guy, who’s going to spend “Thanksgiving Eve” with his grandparents. They’ll bring him along when they show up tomorrow for dinner.
  • Set up the tables, and line up a few buffet items.
  • Clean the bathrooms, and the ever-brimming litterbox.
  • Get as good of a night’s sleep as I can; why is that? When I was working on the cooking timeline, I realized that I’ll want to have the bird in the oven by 8 a.m. to allow for the maximum cooking time for its weight class, and still allow for the dressing to cook in the oven while the turkey rests…

Anyone curious about the menu?

  • Lots of the guests have very kindly offered to bring a variety of things to round out the meal, so we’re preparing the turkey, dressing, gravy, cranberry sauce, and a few appetizers.
  • One brother-in-law is bringing a wild turkey for guests to try; it’ll be like our own turkey tasting! (I’m excited to compare tastes and textures.)
  • Another set of in-laws is planning a huge pan of candied sweet potatoes.
  • Yet more in-laws have a vat of mashed potatoes they’re bringing to the table.
  • Remember that classic dish featuring green beans, cream of mushroom soup, and french-fried onions? That’s what my sister is bringing.
  • My mother is planning the mother of all dessert selections.

Hungry yet? Just writing this is making my stomach growl. Well, that and the fact that there’s a cat hovering nearby, smacking her lips from the breakfast she just ate. But no time to stop and eat now; there’s a brine to be made!


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