Domestic Blitz: T-Minus 7 Days to T-Day

It’s early in the T-Minus 6th day, but last night ran a bit late (kiddo was a little under the weather). So, let’s review the to-dos for yesterday:

  • Talk with husband about moving coats from the rear foyer closet to the front foyer closet, since the majority of our guests just use the back door when they come to our house.
  • Confirm guest count
  • Run the oven’s self-clean cycle
  • Clean out litterbox

How’d it all go? Um…the hubby got sucked into a recliner-induced nap much of the evening, and didn’t have much to say other than “zzzzznksnchczzzzz” when I tried to raise the subject. Am hoping to catch him over coffee this morning.

Guest count: confirmed at 22 people (including our own little family here at home)

Self-clean cycle on the oven: check. Still have to clean out the pile of ash that’s sitting on the floor of the oven, though.

Clean out litterbox; with the little guy under the weather and the big guy under a blanket, didn’t get to this last night. But will clean it out before leaving for work this morning, if only to quiet the sounds of the backhoe I heard the cats firing up to use the darn thing earlier…

It’s Friday, and more to do! But getting the oven “done” last night goes a long way towards feeling that much more ready for next Thursday. Dinner will come from a crock pot tonight, and that should leave even more time to tackle our T-Minus 6 list!


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