Sweet Endings

It’s a quandary I think any parent of a young child faces: what to do for a token gift for birthday party guests?

It was the question we faced this year planning a second birthday party for our son. Schedules and quirks meant the youngest cousin in attendance would be college bound…so little bags of “crippity crap” wouldn’t really cut it. And, we still want to get our little one into the groove of the gift of giving.

We kind of fell into a western theme for the party, and after a little thinking the perfect solution presented itself:

A little bundle of fresh-baked cookies to go home with party guests

Picking up bandanas at a local craft store, they were the perfect container for a few fresh-baked chocolate chip cookies that could go home with each guest. Taking a few minutes to print out labels, all it took was a little kitchen twine to create the perfect takeaway that would leave the guests with nothing but sweet thoughts after the party.

The best part? They made the perfect centerpiece for the buffet, too:

A colorful centerpiece that belies the treats inside.

Colorful, and the perfect pop among the picnic-style goodies enjoyed by the guests that evening…

Belly up for a tasty meal!

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