Secret Dates

We had, maybe, about 20 minutes to kill before picking up the baby at daycare this afternoon.

So we hoofed it to a nearby coffee shop.

He had cocoa, I had tea.

We talked about all kinds of things, and even had a game to see who could spot the first silver car among the traffic outside the coffee shop.

Just 20 minutes, but for a kindergartener who’s been sharing his mom with a baby sister he loves, it was a worthwhile investment in keeping a connection that’s been uniquely ours for the past 5 years.

I told him we could tell Daddy all about our date or keep it a secret. He told his Daddy that he had been on a secret date.

It really was my treat. One I savored and was grateful for.

Recipes and memories

I was treated to a flood of memories today as I prepared a recipe from my family. It was one I’ve seen my father make a number of times, but today was the first time my son helped me make it.

Watching him stand on tiptoe to see over the edge of the pot on the stove, tasting, smelling and sharing his own ideas was like looking into a mirror on the past.

Memories like those are what make some recipes treasures. Adding this memory today is one I’m only too grateful to do.